Home working or remote working solutions

Mar 24, 2020, 2:48 PM

With the COVID19 lockdown underway, your business is probably looking for good homeworking or remote working solutions. There are a number of different chat clients to keep the work communication flowing.

If you do not require high levels of privacy then Slack is a good tool for working, ad hoc groups can be created and it connects to many other working tools out there.

For individual, team and group chatting, where high levels of privacy are required Keybase is the best solution for this task. Messages are encrypted and you can connect with various devices which can be revoked separately. They also have encrypted Team folders so files can be shared.

For joint working on documents and sheets Google Docs / Google Drive is the good option here. Documents can be created and updated by multiple accounts in real time.

As a developer we're already way ahead with our version control, but it can also be useful for other businesses. For more complicated files than wordprocessing and spreadsheets, then a version control system such as GIT is essential. There are cloud GIT providers such as Github and Bitbucket that make it easy to create and share repositories.