Our Team

Rob ancient ancestors were bolt makers in Yorkshire, and his grandfather was a tool maker in Sheffield during the 1950's using world renound Sheffield Steel to make woodworking tools for tradespeople in the UK.

Rob now builds online digital tools for companies to achieve complex tasks at scale. This prevents large administrative overhead saving his client's time and money.  

Everything from the smallest websites to mobile apps and online social networks .

We're passionate about building the simplest solution for your problem and helping your idea grow.

We love building systems that take away the complex problems.

We think through all the scenarios and edge cases to ensure that the needs of your users are met at every level.



As a child Rob used to get into trouble for taking apart all of his battery operated toys to try to see how they worked.

Rob's passion and interest in technology means he is always tinkering and learning.


Founder / Development Director


Chloe is a diligent and careful programmer with fine attention to detail. She enjoys getting stuck into a new project and connecting all of the technologies together to curate the ideal solution

When Chloe is not developing she is out on the ski slopes or on her bike cruising around the lakes


Web Developer


Where creativity and geekery collide

Lightbox Creative is an ideas focused design studio balancing creativity and ten years commercial experience. We believe design is be a powerful commercial tool in the marketing mix. Our core skill is pushing boundaries and opening up new outcomes for our clients challenges and objectives. www.lightboxcreative.co.nz

Exceptional digital design with a personal touch

My designs go beyond simply ‘looking good’; I offer effective design that appeals to your market segment, improves brand perception and increases sales. I believe in nurturing great, professional relationships to help me understand my clients and their design needs better. www.clairenicholsdesign.com