Proud sponsor of Bee The Change

Jul 16, 2019, 8:26 AM

Ones and Zeros is proud to announce we are the sponsors of Bee the Change. Bee the Change is a local non-profit that cultivates bees in order to reduce the impact of Climate change on global insect numbers.

"Its becoming globally recognised there is an insect mass extinction and a looming bee extinction that would have a catastrophic impact on global food supply.  Bee the Change is utilising the unique geographic advantage of New Zealand and trying to create safe haven here in NZ for the bee population. Once strong and healthy colonies are established, 'nucleus hives' can be shipped to crisis areas around the world to help repopulate colonies."

Ones and Zeros's sponsorship of hives or access to land to create apiaries would help relieve some financial pressures freeing up Bee the Change resources to concentrate on nurturing healthy colonies of Bees.

Become a sponsor yourself at